5 Amazing Canadian Yoga Brands You Didn't Know About April 06, 2015 14:33

It's important to support Canadian made brands (not just Canadian owned) for so many reasons!

But where do you begin?

Here are our 5 favorite Canadian made active-wear brands!.

1. Tonic Lifestyle Apparel 

Made in Vancouver

               Tonic makes some of the best classic workout pieces. From the Free Spin Tank to the Jada Cutout Sweater, these pieces are an easy go-to. Items like the Gather Short are especially popular amongst Bikram and hot yogis.     

2. Karma Wear 

Made in Vancouver


Karma has concocted the perfect blend of function and fashion. Always coming out with gorgeous new styles, their feminine pieces are a useful companion to your sweaty workout. We are particularly loving their take on the summer floral trend


3. Fellow Citizens



Made in Toronto


A brother sister team makes up the new and flourishing company, Fellow Citizens. A family dedicated to ethical fashion and awesome nylon. We can't get enough of their comfortable high waist.  



4. Flow Brand


Made in Vancouver

As One Tooth Active wear slowly inches out of Ontario, Flow-active found a gap in the market. The perfect essential no-frills active items. We decided to bring in some of our own pieces. Enter the Classic Flow Legging, Flow Slim Pant, and more. 




5. Loko Sport

Made in Ontario

Do you have difficulty finding yoga tops that aren't too tight? That hid belly fat? That have better support? Loko Sport is the answer. Making up to size 22, Sandra makes ultra comfortable and flattering tops without losing the fashion aspect. 



What do you think?

Comment below and tell us your favorite Canadian made brands!