Get Inspired via Instagram: Canadian Yogis May 13, 2015 13:39

Everyone begins their yoga journey in different ways.

Maybe your friend dragged you to a class, and you got hooked.

Or you started practicing online.

You may have been doing yoga on and off for years.

There are endless starting points! But for many, the journey into yoga begins from a jolt of inspiration through Instagram. 

Yes Instagram.

You may know Instagram as that app your friends post photos of their dinners on. Or that app that helps you feel closer to celebrities. Or that app that allows you to window shop your favorite brands without  having to leave your couch. 

Yes, Instagram has many useful (albeit not vital) uses in everyday life. Including yoga inspiration.

There are many users who post tutorials on poses or offer monthly challenges and simple everyday reminders to get on your mat and start practising. 

Well, if you are looking for a little inspiration, we've got you covered. We've narrowed down the list to some of our favorite Canadian yogis on Instagram. Check them out!

Elaina Palmer: @elainapalmer

Originally from BC, Elaina now resides in Texas. 

We love Elaina's account for many reasons. From her stunning Canadian back drops to her adorable outfits. Follow @elainapalmer for adorable family yoga photos, unique solo shots and everything in between.

Sufey Chen: @sufeychen

Also from BC, Sufey is currently travelling the world.

Her instagram is stacked with gorgeous shots displaying her love for mother nature and her amazing yoga teacher training and retreat company "Yoga University". You can find more info on her training and retreats Here!


Melissa Lee: @pocketdwarf

Melissa and her family live in Calgary.

If you are looking for inspiration, Melissa is it. A pregnant mother, her instagram account shows just how much you can accomplish with a little dedication. If she can do it, so can you!

Erica Jenkins: @getfityogagirl

A self taught yogi from Hamilton, Ontario.

What can yoga do for you? Not only can it help you lose negative thought patterns, it can help you lose 90 lbs if you're Erica! (you go girl). Check out her account for healthy living advice and inspiring progress pictures. 


Anyone we didn't mention that you love to follow? Let us know!


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