Share the Love of Yoga and Heal Hearts Together June 22, 2015 15:33

Share the Love of Yoga and Heal Hearts Together  


 Annu Gaidhu - Founder of Healing Hearts & Miss India Canada 2014

Kindness, compassion and service are all inherent parts of the yoga culture, and make no mistake about it; together we inspire the power to transform lives and communities through our practice of yoga. The Healing Hearts Project stems from the practice of Karma Yoga or selfless service. Yoga is a practice of service to humanity. By using the transformative benefits of yoga, together we can empower vulnerable youth living within impoverished communities in India.  



Yoga has empowered millions of people across the world by supporting physical, mental and emotional health, facilitating authentic personal expression, building supportive communities and inspiring positive action to contribute to others.  


“There are children raised without parents or in abusive conditions that often lack basic social skills, quality education or confidence, they don’t ask to be put in that environment, they are born into it. Yoga has been my healing therapy tool and has taught me how to love myself; as a yoga educator I have an obligation to share with youth what yoga gave me so they can too, transform their lives and feel empowered to build that sense of self” - Annu Gaidhu 


How can we contribute to this Dharma work together?  

Join us each and every Sunday for Flow Actives Yoga at High Park ! In the spirit of karma, donations will be accepted to the Healing Hearts Project. 



Flow-active's Yoga in High Park 2014

The Low Down 

What We Do 

  • The Healing Hearts Project is committed to providing access to quality education and well-being programs to ensure the healthy development and physical well being of children and youth at the Bir Sakya Lama School in Bir, Himachal Pradesh; India.  


How We Do It  

  • The Healing Hearts Project uses the approach of working in collaboration with young people, school educators and community partners to find ways that best meet the needs they identify, taking the time to build community bridges and approach our work with long-term investment and sensitivity. 


Portion of proceeds will go towards providing health care for students  



Portion of proceeds will go towards providing stationary supplies for students

Portion of proceeds will go towards expanding infrastructure to build a new playground for students & towards sponsorship for new students admitted into the Bir Sakya Lama Monastery each month 


 Many of these children do not see their parents of family members for years, some get visits once a year. Their sole place of refuge is the monastery and care being in the monastery for years. According to Buddhist scriptures, a child mature enough to protect fields from insects and birds is capable of choosing the path of “Lamahood”. 

Most are orphans, or from single-parent families, or from poor families. Most monks are recruited at a very age and are sent for a variety of reasons, including education, poverty and lack of family support. 





Join us all summer long for FREE Yoga in High Park - every Sunday morning at 10am! Click here for more information. 

 In the spirit of karma, we will accept donations to the Healing Hearts Project; lets do this dharma work together! 

- Namaste