5 Tips to Clean Out Your Closet This Fall October 21, 2015 12:08

There's not better time to organize your space than Fall. De-cluttering has multiple physical and emotional benefits such as:

  • reduces allergens (dust, etc)

  • tidying encourages cleaning, and cleaning helps to get rid of bacteria and other cold inducing things

  • feel in control: when your space is organized, your brain is organized

  • mental clarity

  • reminds you of your carbon footprints -no one likes throwing out junk, but it will make you think twice the next time you want to buy something for the sake of buying)

Are we on the same page? Great! Let's get started.


1.If you haven't worn it in 1 year, get rid of it

We all have those "skinny" jeans... those jeans we hope of fitting into once we finally lose those last 10 pounds. Just get rid of them already. If you haven't worn a piece of clothing in over a year, you likely won't wear it next year either. We tend to go back to the same 5-6 outfits that we love, so focus on those styles and nix the rest. 

2. Holes, tears, stains are a no no

You love that sweater. It's your absolute favorite. But you've worn it to bits, the armpits are stained yellow and the seams are coming apart. You feel embarrassed to wear it, so stop! Make a commitment to replace it with something similar, but throw the old out. It collects dust and takes up room that should be saved for a go-to item. 

3. Plan for the future

Once you've donated, sold and throw out all the clothes that no longer serve your closet, plan for the future so you don't end up cluttering your closet again. Is there a particular look you've settled on for the upcoming season? Focus on those items. Use your willpower to avoid frivolous spending or deal hunting. Skip the uber trend 'fast fashion' pieces from H & M and buy one or two high quality pieces that can be worn for multiple seasons that you love

4. Aesthetics matter

De-cluttering your closet doesn't just mean throwing out the old, it means actually finding a organizational system that works for you. Instead of throwing all your socks mismatched into a drawer, find their pal and fold them neatly. Organize your hanging items from lightest to heaviest. Fold your shirts and turn your pants right side out. Not only can organizing be incredibly therapeutic, but this kind of cleaning can make finding your favorite pieces more easily. 

5. Maintain

Now that you have a reduced and organized closet with high quality pieces that make you happy make sure you maintain over time. Sometimes we rush in the morning and throw our clothes in a bundle in the closet or on the floor, but the key to a clutter free closet and head space is to keep your space as neat as it would be if company were over. A daily tidy is much more effective than a month overhaul. 

How do you clean out your closet?