Namaka Water Bottles

$32.99 CAD

Introducing Namaka, an exciting new line of premium insulated bottles. Using the latest and most advanced vacuum insulation technology, our bottles, with their double-walled design, offer outstanding performance in all temperatures. COLD stays COLD for up to 24 Hours, and HOT stays HOT for up to 12 Hours.

The “18/8” food-grade stainless steel used in every Namaka bottle won’t absorb or transfer odours, tastes, and bacteria. They are easy to clean, liner free, and are completely recyclable. Not to mention BPA free. Cold drinks on a hot day? sweat…seriously, they don’t sweat! And even with boiling liquids inside, the outside remains comfortable, and safe to the touch. And water stays water on those icy mountain slopes and snowmobile trails!

  • Keeps your drink Hot, or Cold! Namaka Flasks aren't picky its up to you what you want with it!
  • BPA free - 18/8 stainless steel (food grade)
  • Life time warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Food grade powder coating (go ahead give it a lick it won't hurt you)
  • Fully Recyclable.

To clean your Namaka Flask all you need is some liquid soap and hot water. Thoroughly rinse out the Flask with hot water. Put liquid soap in Flask and continue to thoroughly wash everything out. Let dry upside down on a paper towel or regular towel. Fill it up with the liquid of your choice and use it again!

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