Props Freedom Grip Gloves

$26.60 CAD $38.00 CAD

Fingerless compression fit athletic gloves that provide security and stability, without compromising tactility.
  • Coolmax® yarn to absorb sweat
  • Silicon palm for enhanced grip
  • Extra secure finger tack design
  • Very stylish, very comfortable, very smart

Function without compromising fashion

PROPS FREEDOM gloves are designed with hidden PROPS YARN webbing and are best for studio workouts such as yoga, pilates, barre, Lagree, spin, and TRX classes. The signature design allows for freedom between your fingers to improve tactility. And yes, you can still wear your jewelry!

PROPS FREEDOM are ideal for anyone that wants an extra grip and stability on the mat, barre, floor and reformer and also suited for racquet sports.

PROPS are machine washable. Cold water and tumble dry.

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