Dusky Leaf Sadhu Yoga Towel

$26.60 CAD $38.00 CAD

The Sadhu Yoga Towel provides a hygienic layer between you and your yoga mat, easily absorbing any moisture or sweat which may accumulate during practice. The towel's microfiber wicks away the moisture and dries quickly for the best in sweat management.


With its fine microfiber cloth, the Sadhu Yoga Towel provides a slip-resistant foundation for your practice. When the microfibers contact with any moisture on your hands or feet, they provide the extra grip you need to hold those challenging poses.

Super Soft, Super Absorbent

This yoga towel is made from sandwash microfiber, a super-absorbent material. Its surface texture makes it suitable for use on the hands, face or body.
Dimensions: 24" wide x 72" (6 feet) long.

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