Dusky Leaf ZeroSlip Yoga Towel

$46.00 CAD

Zeroslip Yoga Towel

Helps You Stay In Place with Its Eco Backing

The Zeroslip yoga towel eliminates slipping so you can focus on your practice instead of worrying about sliding around on your yoga mat. Its backing consists of a fine layer of eco-friendly resin designed to keep the towel firmly in place.
Unlike some yoga towels, which have a spattering of dots or nubs on one side, the Zeroslip's backing extends across its entire surface area. Scientifically speaking, when this backing comes into contact with the surface of a yoga mat, it creates an extremely high coefficient of friction.
In practical terms, this means that the Zeroslip yoga towel will stay put, so you can concentrate on your practice. That's why it's called the "Zeroslip."

Protects Your Health with Bamboo Charcoal Nanoparticles

The Zeroslip yoga towel provides a hygienic, anti-microbial layer between you and your yoga mat.
The top of the towel is made from a fabric blend which includes nanoparticles from bamboo charcoal. These nanoparticles have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help reduce odours and other buildup.
Simply put, the bamboo charcoal nanoparticles act on a molecular level to neutralize bacteria and other undesirable elements. In this way, the Zeroslip yoga towel provides a healthier and more pleasant foundation for your yoga practice.

Can Be Used With or Without a Yoga Mat

Another advantage of the Zeroslip yoga towel is that it can be used as a travel mat. Together, the eco resin on its backing and its bamboo charcoal fabric offer more cushioning and traction than a regular yoga towel.
So in a pinch you can use the Zeroslip in place of a yoga mat when practicing on a softer surface such as the suspended wooden floors commonly found in yoga studios.

Washes and Dries Quickly and Easily

The result of extensive research and testing, the Zeroslip yoga towel is designed for ease of use and care. It is highly durable and easy to wash. Simply throw it in your washing machine and it's ready to use again.
Fits over a standard yoga mat. Includes a reusable velcro strap for easy rolling and storing. Dimensions: 24" W x 68" L x 2 mm thick.
As this towel contains bamboo nanoparticles, a natural material, shrinkage may occur during washing. To minimize shrinkage, wash in cold water and hang to dry.SaveSave

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